ESTRATO. Experience the unique.
Sep 21

ESTRATO. Experience the unique.

Trabaldo Togna is the only company in the world achieving this kind of stretch from 100% natural fabrics, ESTRATO.

The company achieved this extraordinary result thanks to its drive to reach the pinnacle of Italian – and in this case local – ingenuity and skill, using the knowledge passed down through the generations and its experience in manufacturing fabrics in the village of Pray, in the heart of the Biellese Alps, since 1840. This legendary family’s passion, stubbornness and extraordinary expertise are what lie behind its unrivalled achievement – the fruit of such intricate research into the process of transforming fibres that it could almost be likened to alchemy.

Luca Trabaldo Togna and his daughter Clelia, representing the fifth generation of the family, are therefore incredibly proud to present this new Estrato fabric.

The project that gave rise to this Estrato is therefore one of all-round excellence. Excellence means that each element is luxurious and brings together modernity, tradition, value, time, research, and absolute perfection, without sacrificing class. It is because of this excellence – in terms of lightness, softness, look and ergonomics – that, once you have tried it, you cannot go back.

This intense emotion has been evoked in a short film created by Modenese Networks. In it, fabric forms the heart of a love story whose tale is woven by the perfect, supple bodies of ballerinas Mick Zeni and Beatrice Carbone, and captured artistically on film by director Marco Gradara with the technical support of Diego Diaz (DOP) and Francesco Bruno (sound design).
It is Estrato’s visual and emotional manifesto.

The dialogue expressed through the dancers’ flexibility and the fabric symbolises the achievements that flow from a long journey.